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“Indeed the best of the remedies you have is Hijama (cupping),” said Prophet Muhammad. Hijama, a process of sucking flawed blood, is a highly recommended Unani therapy. Our Hijama therapy theatre is equipped with all modern facilities for a matchless cupping experience. We have highly experienced Unani doctors and therapists to offer the best Hijama treatment. Our Hijama theatre is standing out of the crowd, thanks to the hygiene atmosphere and we use only sterilized cups and tools for the best results.
Steam bath opens up pores in your skin, eases sore muscles and boosts up blood circulation. It is one of the best natural treatments one can accept for back pain, body pain, muscle contraction and even tension and stress in Unani. At Kerala Unani Hospital, we have set up a highly efficient and advanced steam bath facility that makes you feel comfort.
Several ailments can be easily cured through the best use of bloodletting in a natural way. Leech therapy is a commonly used bloodletting method in Unani discipline. At Kerala Unani Hospital, we have set up modern facility to ensure very effective leech therapy to let you keep many of your ailments like herpes, psoriasis and eczema at bay. We make use of fresh medicinal leeches for each patient to prevent infection and ensure you get it done in the most effective way.
Spa is based on a superb concept that says minerals of water have healing power. For a long time in history, spa has been used to treat many ailments through the application of fluids, massages and minerals of water in body parts. Kerala Unani Hospital is all set with a special facility to offer quality Unani-based spa. In help of professional fitness experts, we apply different methods of the treatment using water, pure Unani medicines and other fluids. We assure greatest freshness with the Unani Spa to your body.
Life today is a bit stressful. The number of patients with psychic disorders is growing. Better counseling and supervision can help those patients come back to normal life easily. Drugs and medications are not healthy recommendations for treating such patients. We are specialized in offering counseling services for post marital disorders and student’s learning disability. At Kerala Unani Hospital, we have a team of talented clinical psychologists and counselors to provide better treatment for mental health.